SBM Sand Making Machine

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SBM Sand Making MachineIn the construction of multiple sand production lines, what kind of sand making machines do you know about?According to the layout and pl

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SBM Sand Making Machine

In the construction of multiple sand production lines, what kind of sand making machines do you know about?

According to the layout and planning of multiple railways, it can be seen that it is very hot to increase the construction of infrastructure projects in 2020, and the demand and development of mechanism sand will also show an upward trend. The newly opened sand and stone manufacturers are setting up production lines in full swing. In the process of purchasing sand making machines, users not only want to choose sand making equipment with high cost performance, but also choose suitable sand making equipment according to actual production needs and production scale. Next, let's take a look at SBM's sand making machine. You can choose multiple styles!

High-quality machine-made sand cannot be separated from excellent production technology and reasonable production equipment. There are three series of SBM sand making machines, namely VSI, VSI5X, and VSI6X. Each series contains four or five models, which appear in customers. In the sand and stone production sites of different scales, the purpose of fully meeting the market demand is achieved. CB VSI5X and VSI6X sand making machines are improved and developed based on VSI. The three series of sand making machines (VSI, VSI5X, VSI6X) use the same working principle to make sand from pebbles, limestone and other raw materials. Processing and shaping processing, SBM Sand Making Machine has two feeding modes, including full feeding and feeding with ring-shaped falls. There are some differences in the feed size, feed size, hourly output, external dimensions, and power of each of the three series of sand making machines. The size and output of the sand making machine are the issues that users are very concerned about. Focus on introduction, VSI series feed size is 0-50mm, production capacity is 60-520 tons / hour, VSI5X series feed size is 0-50mm, production capacity is 70-640 tons / hour, VSI6X feed size is 0- 50mm, with a production capacity of 100-583 tons / hour, users can refer to the above parameters when selecting a sand making machine, and make a preliminary judgment and determination within its range.

Reasonable equipment selection is the guarantee of the quality of the sand and gravel of the production mechanism. The quality of the sand and gravel determines the quality of the concrete and the engineering construction. One link is closely linked to the other, so it must be reasonable and scientific when purchasing sand and gravel equipment. And quality and quantity.

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