VU dry sand making system

VU dry sand making system

In the face of the market's traditional mechanism, the grading of sand and gravel is unreasonable, containing powder, the mud content is too high, and the grain type is not up to standard. The Shibang Group has created a high-quality mechanism sandstone complete processing system for the station-type VU, which has overcome the optimization process. The problem of breaking, grinding and selecting. The quality of the finished sandstone produced is in line with national standards, and the production process is zero sludge, zero waste water, no dust, completely in line with national environmental protection requirements, bringing huge resources for sandstone, dry mixing, commercial mixing, pipe piles, cement products and other industries. Benefits and development opportunities.

Product Features: excellent environmental production standards, better quality of finished sand and gravel aggregate
  • Feed particle size: 0-15mm
  • Production capacity: 60-205 tons / hour
  • Applicable materials: granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, river pebbles, pebbles, bluestone, etc.
  • Scope of application: mixing sand/stone, mixing mortar, cement product factory, etc.
  • Characteristics of VU dry sand making system

    • Grinding and shaping technology, the quality of finished sandstone is higher

    The grinding technology and waterfall shaping technology adopted in the VU tower sand making system make the finished sandstone grade reasonable and rounded, which effectively reduces the specific surface area and void ratio of the coarse and fine aggregates. At the same time, the dry powder removing technology is adopted. The amount of powder contained in the finished sand can be adjusted and controlled.

    • Can turn waste into treasure and have a higher return on investment

    The amount of sand and gravel is large and the demand is high. The VU building-station mechanism sandstone complete system can process the cheap and easy-to-obtain “stone chips” and “guamite stone” into high-quality high-quality sand, replacing natural sand to meet the market quality. The huge demand for sand is lucrative.

    VU building station-type mechanism sandstone complete system adopts fully enclosed transportation, production, and negative pressure dust removal design to ensure that no sewage, no sludge, no dust and noise emissions are in full compliance with national environmental protection requirements.

    Centralized centralized control with high degree of automation

    The VU building station-type sandstone complete system is equipped with a central control system, which can control and test the operation of all equipments online, quickly set and maintain outstanding operating parameters, and ensure the stability of finished sandstone quality and production line capacity.

    Digital processing, higher precision

    SBM Group has dozens of CNC machine tool production lines, from steel plate cutting, bending, planing, milling to painting, all of which are digitally controlled, with high processing precision, and some core components are accurate to a single or even higher standard.

    Original spare parts supply, worry-free after running

    As a powerful enterprise integrating production and sales, SBM Group is responsible for every equipment we produce, providing customers with technical service and original parts supply services for the whole life cycle of the products, ensuring that every customer has no worries after production. .


Working Principle

The VU system consists of VU impact breaking, mold control screen, grain machine, humidifier, dust collector, central control system, steel structure and other equipment and modules. It is a complete dry sand production solution. Raw materials of 15mm or less (may be cheap and easy to obtain raw materials such as stone chips, melon stone, stone powder). After VU impact breaking and shaping, they are divided into three ways under the action of mold control screen and dust removal module: stone powder, return material and quasi- Finished sand. The stone powder is uniformly stored in the powder ore bin after passing through the dust removal module, and the quasi-finished sand enters the grain-optimized machine for further shaping, and the processing is completed after humidification and stirring. After the raw materials are processed reasonably and efficiently by the VU system, the production of reasonable grade, granular round, fine powder with controllable powder, and fine and clean stone powder that can be recycled and recycled (determined according to raw materials) ).

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