portable crusher plant

portable crusher plant

The portable crusher plant launched by SBM are masterpieces that have been developed on the basis of more than 30 years of experience accumulation, installation experience of tens of thousands of machines, and a large amount of capital input on R&D. They can be widely used in many fields such as metal mines, building stones and solid waste disposal to meet customers’ diversified requirements.

Product Features:
  • Material: Limestone
  • Capacity: 100—120T/H
  • Application: Finished aggregates are supplied to expressway projects and local mixing plants
  • outstanding features

    Reliable performance and convenient maintenance. Reliable quality better satisfy the requirements of coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening. It enjoys the high quality reputation at home and abroad.

    Easy to transport. Portable aggregate crushing plant has high on-board chassis, short wheel base and tight turning radius, which is convenient for road transportation, especially for driving to crushing sites that are difficult to access. The set-up time of the portable crushing plant is greatly reduced, compared with the stationary one.

    Lower transport cost. This portable crushing plant can crush materials at primary site and remove transportation from the primary site to crushing place, which lower the transport cost.

    Based on customers' specific requirements, such as space limitation of crushing site, special our company's senior engineers will select the most suitable products, and customers capital condition, etc. Our senior engineers will select the most suitable crushing and screening equipments, and design more flexible and practical configuration for portable crushing plant, completely meet customers' individual demand.

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    According to different customers' requirements, portable crushing plant can be operated as independent units, or as two-stage crushing plant with primary and secondary crushing, or as three-stage crushing plant with primary, secondary and tertiary crushing. Likewise, portable crushing plant can be easily adjusted to suit the crushing application by choosing feeding to crusher or feeding to screen options.

    Our company has accumulated rich experiences in designing and manufacturing portable crushing plant for many years. We can supply customized services according to customers' special requirements.

    Portable Crusher Plant For Coarse Crushing

    There are 12 models available for coarse crushing. The capacity can reach 650TPH, and the feeding size can allow 1100 * 1200mm. Meanwhile, multiple series of portable crushing plants can not only appear in quarries and the coal industry, but also meet demands for processing concrete and building wastes. The birth of SBM’s portable crushers for coarse crushing made up for the regret that there is no large-capacity portable crusher plant in domestic area.

    Portable Crusher Plant For Intermediate Crushing & Screening

    Among portable crusher plants, there are 18 models which, used in the secondary crushing stage, can not only crush materials, but also screen and classify them. Combined with vibrating screens whose angle is adjustable, portable crushing plants are able to have larger capacity.

    Portable Crusher Work Independently

    In actual situations, there may be a large amount of mineral soil which doesn’t need crushing. If users don’t separate it from materials and just feed them into the coarse crushers, the burden on coarse crushers may increase and more energy consumption may be incurred. However, using independent Portable crusher plants, the mineral soil can be pre-screened with no need to put more equipment or costs.

    Portable Crusher For Fine Crushing & Reshaping

    Portable crusher plants, there are 4 models supporting fine crushing, reshaping and screening simultaneously. Equipped with advanced VSI Impact Crushers (better known as “sand makers”), the finished aggregates have excellent cubic shape and even granularity, more suitable for concrete production.

    Portable Crusher For Fine Crushing & Sand Washing

    This kind of portable crusher is specially designed to produce building sand and road sand. They integrate sand production and sand washing. They can not only wash sand, but also classify sand and remove sundries in sand.

    Three-Combination Of Portable Crusher

    For customers whose project scale is not that big, ordinary combination of portable crushers needs high investment costs. So, in light of this, SBM specially pushed out the independent three-combination of portable crusher plant. In this way, demands for the yielding and the flexibility can be satisfied simultaneously.

    Four-Combination Of Portable Crusher Plant

    For customers whose project scale is not that big, a four-combination of portable crusher plant is an ideal choice. Integrating coarse crushing and intermediate crushing, the four-combination of Portable crusher plants can finish working independently. The output aggregates can be used directly, high-efficiency and simple.

    Routine maintenance and overhaul of Portable crusher plant

    • 1, routine maintenance

    The Portable crusher plant should be lubricated according to needs, and small and medium-sized equipment should be regularly lubricated with grease and lubricating oil. In large installations, if conical and large jaw crushers are used, there is usually a forced lubrication system. At this time, you should always pay attention to parameters such as oil temperature, oil pressure and flow. When running elastic fasteners, always pay attention to the noise and vibration of the equipment. If excessive noise or vibration occurs, stop the inspection immediately. After troubleshooting, restart the device in the order of restart, and observe the quality and output of the product. When the quality and output are abnormal, the crusher or screening machine may be blocked or screened. Breakage and other failures.

    • 2, overhaul

    In order to maintain the good performance of the Portable crusher plant, in addition to normal maintenance, the equipment should undergo small, medium and overhaul as planned.

    1) Minor repair: This is the main form of planned pre-repair. The purpose is to eliminate the effects of partial damage caused by equipment wear during use of the equipment. After adjusting or replacing some parts, the Portable crusher plant will resume normal work, and sometimes it needs to be prepared in advance. Check the work and prepare for the next minor or major overhaul.

    2) Media repair: maintenance work performed when the Portable crusher plant stops. The purpose is to check the use of important parts of the equipment in detail, replace parts, and solve the problem of inconsistent service life of each part. During maintenance, the entire unit is usually disassembled, the parts are cleaned, and the wear of each part is checked.

    3) Overhaul: Maintenance work performed when the Portable crusher plant is stopped for a long time. During the overhaul, all parts must be disassembled and carefully checked. Repair and update all parts to return the device to normal condition and working ability. Overhaul includes all minor and intermediate repairs. In addition, large parts that have reached the end of their useful life should be replaced.

    In the maintenance method, the component pre-repair method is better. The method is performed under Portable crusher plant operating conditions. Since the complete parts are prepared in advance, the inspection time is greatly shortened, and the equipment operation rate can be accordingly ensured. The part repair method is performed after the device is turned off.

    Portable crusher plant application

    The emergence of Portable crusher plant not only solves the problem of construction waste, but also is a convenient and fast form compared with other treatment methods. The main components of construction waste are waste concrete and waste bricks. These two need to be moved and reused by a Portable crusher plant, while other waste can be cleaned up slightly. Portable crusher plants are a combination of crusher equipment, such as jaw crushers and cone crushers. It can move freely and is a device for processing construction waste.

    The Portable crusher plant is a coarse crusher, consisting of a jaw crusher and a vibrating feeder, equipped with an efficient double-layer feeder. The double-layer feeder also reduces the output of the jaw crusher and also increases the total output. Jaw crushers have a wide range of applications. Mobile jaw crushers are mainly used for primary crushing products in quarries. The mobile jaw crusher has a processing range of 50-500 tons / hour.

    Portable crusher plant is mainly used for metallurgical, chemical, building materials, hydropower and other materials that need to be relocated, especially for the operation of mobile stone such as highway, railway, hydropower, etc., to create more new business for customers. . Opportunities and reduced production costs.

    Purpose of Portable crusher plant: In metallurgical, mining, chemical, cement and other industrial sectors, crushers are used every year to process large amounts of raw materials and recycle waste. For example, in a concentrator, to achieve the separation of useful minerals from the ore, the ore is crushed to the particle size required for the milling process. The crusher is used to pulverize the raw material to the required particle size for the next operation. In coking plants, sintering plants, ceramics plants, glass industry, powder metallurgy and other departments, crushing machinery is used to crush the raw materials to the particle size required for the next operation.


Working Principle

A K Track-type Mobile Crusher is composed of the tracked chassis, frame assembly, hosts & accessory devices, power system and hydraulic electronic control system. When moving, powered by power system and driven by hydraulic electronic control system, the tracked chassis can move. During installation, under the control of hydraulic electronic control system, the power system drives actions of the hydraulic cylinder and other related devices to finish installation automatically. When working, under the control of hydraulic electronic control system, the power system drives hosts and accessory devices to work. After materials are crushed and screened, finished products are transported by belt conveyors.

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